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Anchor Audio Lowers Prices on Popular Products
Posted on Friday, October 7, 2011
Anchor Audio Lowers Prices on Popular Products

CARLSBAD, Calif., – Anchor Audio, Inc., the industry leader in manufacturing portable sound systems, today announced a price reduction on many of its popular products beginning in October 2011.

Price decreases range from 5% up to 50% on various products and accessory items making Anchor even more affordable in today’s changing market.  With the budget conscious consumer in mind, Anchor created new packages to comfortably fit into any budget. In addition, AC only options were developed for the Liberty Platinum and Explorer Pro Sound Systems as a less expensive alternative to the AC/DC wireless unit.

"With Anchor's lean manufacturing, component part purchasing power, and superior engineering, we are able to pass along these significant savings to our consumers, "said Janet Jacobs, President of Anchor Audio. 

The method of purchasing, engineering, and manufacturing  has resulted in the use of more integrated chips, which require less discrete parts. This and the use of more common parts allows for less expensive manufacturing techniques, which translates to better prices for the consumer. Anchor has already seen a rise in sales in the first few days of the price reduction and anticipates its continuing rise through the end of the year and throughout 2012.


About Anchor Audio, Inc.

Anchor Audio, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality portable sound systems, public address systems, wired and wireless intercoms, and lectern systems. Established in 1975, Anchor Audio made the first portable sound system in a small building in Torrance, California. Over thirty years later and in a much larger factory in Carlsbad, California, production includes more than 20 models with various options for every type of market. Anchor supplies products to sectors including education, commercial, hospitality, government, and military. 

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