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Evolution of the Liberty Platinum
Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2011
Evolution of the Liberty Platinum


The Evolution of the Liberty Platinum


When Anchor Audio, Inc. introduced the world to portable sound systems in 1975, their flagship system, the “Liberty,” suddenly became the single name to define the industry. Anchor perfected this model for several years in the old production warehouse in Torrance, CA, and the Liberty finally had its grand debut at Liberty Weekend, the Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebration, on July 3-6, 1986.

The first Liberty model, the MPB 3000/3500, was battery-powered and contained Samson VHF wireless. Additionally, it contained a separate 8” woofer with a Piezo tweeter and horn speaker for voice reinforcement.


The Liberty then evolved into its new model series: the MPV 4500. With this change, it upgraded from its original to a single diaphragm tweeter and contained SHURE VHF wireless.


Next, came the Liberty 6000 model series, which first introduced an optional CD player and UHF diversity wireless receiver.


Today, the Liberty Platinum 7500 model series is a powerful, all-in-one sound system used by many in the pro audio market. The Liberty Platinum consistently ranks performs well under pressure, during events such as school assemblies, large corporate meetings/celebrations, outdoor concerts/shows, half-time shows, sporting events, etc.  Anchor Audio designs sound systems to emphasize the mid-range frequencies in order to improve vocal intelligibility. Anchor uses high quality neodymium speakers for crisp, pure sound in a distortion-free enclosure. This guarantees that the Liberty Platinum will deliver a clear presentation to every audience member.

The enclosure is made with a lightweight, UV treated polypropylene that is scratch-resistant and ultra rugged.  The case includes an integrated carrying handle and speaker stand receptacle. The control panel is recessed for the protection of inputs and knobs.  The Liberty offers 120 watts of power in AC mode and 100 watts of power in DC mode.  It even has an optional built-in MP3 or CD player and a USB port to charge your USB device.  The dual wireless receivers also offer great additions to this feature-packed base model. The standard Liberty sound system includes two wired micro