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Tips For Choosing Portable Sound Systems For Any Event
Posted on Monday, September 21, 2015

Tips For Choosing Portable Sound Systems For Any Event

Anchor Audio specializes in portable sound systems, and we have for over 40 years. We started out with one portable sound system, but long ago expanded to include options and features to cover all kinds of events. Our systems are most commonly used in settings such as education, worship services, weddings and other community events, sports and band, auctions, government, as well as specialty systems for first responders and military.

What we have found is that customers who have never purchased a portable sound system aren’t really sure what they need in a sound system. Taking the time to consider carefully what you need in the way of a sound system or public address system and also considering what you may value in the future can help narrow down your options.


How and Where to Use a Portable Sound System

The most significant advantage of a portable sound system is there is no restriction on how or where it can be used. This makes it ideal for community centers, schools, businesses and event managers to have on hand.

Knowing a little bit about your application will help in picking the right system for your needs. Some factors to keep in mind are approximate crowd size, indoor vs. outdoor use, and who might be using the system. Anchor offers portable sound systems for smaller crowds (ideal for education applications), larger crowds (a great versatile option), as well as systems that will do it all (best value). Knowing where you will use the system also helps in deciding if you want a traditional speaker set up on a stand or if you’d be better off with a simple setup line array.

By choosing a system with multiple uses there is a greater range of possibilities and applications for the sound system. This is an important consideration for the future as well as for your current needs. Making the choice to purchase a top-quality, US made, portable sound system is rewarding to those who value both intelligibility in their sound as well as longevity in the life of their product.


Battery Power Means Portability

To us, portability means having the ability to provide top quality sound, anywhere. We believe portability means location that is not dependent upon a power outlet.

Give yourself 6 – 8 hours or more with a battery powered system. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use alike, these come as a fully contained sound system, just connect a microphone and a media player you are ready to go.


Sound Requirements

We always recommend our clients look to a portable sound system which will exceed their maximum requirements for today. This keeps your options open to address different sound needs in the future without needing to upgrade or add on services.

In addition, many of portable sound systems can be doubled in capacity and crowd coverage by just adding a companion speaker. This is the most cost effective and versatile way to upgrade so that you are ready for your next event, before it’s even ready for you.