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Coordinate Your Next Event with the ProLink Wireless Intercom System
Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coordinate Your Next Event with the ProLink Wireless Intercom System

Intelligibility, reliability and simplicity are key for many schools, community theaters, and production companies using a wireless intercom system. Not everybody needs a complex system, requiring hours of manual reading, settings to adjust, and trainings.

At Anchor Audio, Inc. we have the perfect easy to use wireless intercom solution for you. Designed to be user friendly and practical, the ProLink 500 is a budget conscious, high-quality, and easy to use wireless intercom system.


Key Considerations

One important feature to consider when considering the ProLink 500 wireless intercom system is the fact it does not need to use a base station. The ProLink 500 allows for full duplex communication between four users simultaneously, with the option of unlimited listen only belt packs. The option to have two groups of four users communicating simultaneously is also available with the Pro-570 package – a seven user package with the master belt pack maintaining the ability to switch between channels.

They key benefit of a wireless intercom system is mobility and not having to worry about a base station only adds to the ability to move about without being tethered to the power cord. Due to operation on the 900 MHz range, the ProLink 500 clearly transmits through walls and glass and boasts a range of up to 500 feet (line of sight).

We offer several different headset styles with our ProLink 500 wireless intercom system, which can be mixed and matched. Popular options include the single or dual muff headsets.


Easy Operation

To ensure you always know just what is going on, the belt packs have simple LED indicator lights to help. There is an indicator light which will flash if the battery is low, and the LED light will illuminate if you happen to walk out of range. This takes away all the guesswork and allows you to focus on the task at hand.

The three rechargeable batteries in the unit will last approximately 5 hours during continual use. If you need longer battery life, you can also carry extra batteries and simply pop them in for all day events where you need more power to get through the day.

Our wireless intercom systems are easy to setup and operate. Allowing for personalization of settings on the belt packs and a variety of different headset options makes this a practical system for any type of managed event.