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Crestron Flex - Self Paced Online Training

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Crestron Flex - Self Paced Online Training

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Crestron Flex - P Series Video Tutorials

The Crestron Flex P Series is an advanced voice-over-IP desk phone that integrates seamless disjointed world of telephony, taking advantage of the Crestron platform to bring Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams software functionality to every individual workspace. The chapters below provide step-by-step instructions of your P Series order.


Please review system requirements document before completing the following tutorials.


You may select, Closed Captioning (CC) within the video to enable various language subtitles.*


Video Content:

Crestron Flex System Requirements (0:33)

Watch this video to find out how to locate your Crestron Flex products’ system requirements.


Unbox UC-PHONE (1:22)

This video will cover the unboxing of the products contained in the box.


Installation UC-PHONE (0:49)

This video will cover the installation of the product.

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