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Sharp NEC Display Solutions designs, produces and delivers display technology for a wide variety of markets. We specialize in large-screen LCD displays, desktop LCD monitors, direct view LED displays, and a diverse line of projectors for customers who demand the most high-quality, reliable display solutions to meet their needs.

Model: PN-LA852

Bringing advanced professional functionality to enterprise users, the Sharp PN-LA series ensures compliance with the highest IT security standards while providing maximum flexibility.
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Sharp/NEC Launches New NC603L and NC1503L Laser Projectors
Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2023
Sharp/NEC Launches New NC603L and NC1503L Laser Projectors

Newest addition to Digital Cinema Projector Series offers RB Laser Phosphor technology for a speckle-free, high-quality image and no external chiller for easy, flexible installation

Oct. 19, 2023 - Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America (SNDSA), a global leader in the projector and display markets and Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) have launched the new NC603L and NC1503L Laser Projectors. The newest addition to the Digital Cinema Projector Series, the NC1503L Laser Projector offers the latest RB Laser Phosphor technology that has been improved over decades for a speckle free, high-quality image. The NC603L utilizing blue laser with phosphor offers the same speckle free high-quality images for small screens. Both the new NC603L and NC1503L use internal chillers for easy, flexible installation on the cinema ceiling or within the projection booth.

With no external chiller and Laser Phosphor Technology, the new NC603L and NC1503L Laser Projectors offer several installation and cost saving benefits to cinema owners. Their smaller sized cabinets allow for ceiling mount installation within the theater or projection booth, offering flexible installation options. The Laser technology produces less heat when compared to conventional lamp-based projection systems. Therefore, lowering the HVAC requirements both in the projection booth and theater resulting in lower operational costs in either new builds or retrofit projects.

“Advancements in technology have allowed the NC1503L to utilize the smaller cabinet design of the NC1202L and NC1402L while delivering 14,000 lumens in the same sized unit,” said Richard McPherson, Senior Product Manager for Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. “The addition of the NC603L and NC1503L completes our Digital Cinema Projector Series line up while at the same time offering flexible installation both in the projection booth and the theater itself.”

The new NC603L and NC1503L feature built-in laser light sources making them an ideal digital cinema projection solution for theaters with small and mid-sized screens looking for high-quality cinema projection. These projectors’ reliability, maintenance-free operation and approximately 50,000* hours of lifetime result in an overall lower total cost of ownership. The 2K Digital Cinema Institute (DCI)-compliant quality means the NC603L delivers an outstanding image that is bright enough to display 14 ft-L on screens up to 36.1ft./11m** with the NC1503L on screens up to 55.4ft./16.9m** in DCI color.

Sharp/NEC’s patented heat exchanger, along with a newly developed and sealed optical engine, offer the best overall performance while providing theater owners a greater piece of mind. Airborne contaminants cannot penetrate the optical engine therefore preserving the image creating the optimal movie going experience.    With remarkably low noise levels the NC1503L (50dB) and NC603L (39dB) provides reassurance that they will not create a distraction when mounted in the theater.

The new NC603L and NC1503L Laser Projectors will be on display next week at Show East in Miami. Please visit the Sundial Room for more information.

To learn more about the NC603L and NC1503L Laser Projectors, please visit