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Sharp Announces Stunningly Vivid AQUOS® 4k Ultra-HD Commercial TVs
Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2022
Sharp Announces Stunningly Vivid AQUOS® 4k Ultra-HD Commercial TVs

MONTVALE, N.J.,  December 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) and Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America (SNDSA) today announce the launch of six new AQUOS® Ultra-HD Commercial TVs. Part of the 4P-B EJ2 series, these new models provide impressive picture quality and color depth to engage audiences in any industry.

Available in a wide array of sizes ranging from 43" Class (42.5" diagonal) to 86" Class (85.6" diagonal), the new commercial TVs feature a sleek, modern look with a frameless bezel that leaves fewer protruding distractions and more screen space to show off the ultimate picture quality. High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers viewers the ultimate experience with a much wider range of colors. Additionally, brightness levels are higher than standard consumer TVs and the 4K Commercial TVs offer wireless casting to send content to the screen. An embedded media player allows for content to playback with no additional computer hardware needed. The 4P-B Series also offers a public mode, which helps eliminate unwanted adjustments by people in public locations, such as storefronts, giving operational control to business management.

The 4P-B AQUOS Commercial TV series is designed to support out-of-home environments, focusing on versatility to help inform, entertain, or engage audiences. In contrast to consumer TVs, these models are designed to support digital signage, education, collaboration and entertainment in the commercial market, with 4K Ultra-HD design to deliver advanced visual performance. The professional command control allows for user-friendly features that include a RS-232C and LAN command set, delivering flexible remote-control abilities from connected devices. Unlike consumer TVs, the AQUOS Commercial TV series is backed by a limited 3-year Commercial Warranty.

"The 4P-B AQUOS Commercial TV Series feature some of the most visually captivating and impressive screens available in any commercial displays," says Gary Bailer, Director of Product Management, Pro AV Products. "These models provide businesses across all industries the ability to deliver their messages with superb picture quality and deeper colors to inform, entertain and engage their audiences."

Models available to order immediately include the 75" class 4P-B75EJ2U, the 65" class 4P-B65EJ2U, the 55" class 4P-B55EJ2U and the 50" class 4P-B50EJ2U.  The 4P-B50EJ2U, 4P-B55EJ2U, and 4P-B65EJ2U are expected to ship in December, while the 4P-B75EJ2U is expected to ship in January. The 4P-B86EJ2U and 4P-B43EJ2U are expected to available for shipment in February.