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Optoma Technology, Inc.

As the world’s leading brand in 4K UHD projection technology, Optoma combines cutting edge technology and innovation to deliver remarkable visual display products designed to connect audiences with engaging video experiences.

Model: FHDQ135S

Featuring up to 850 nits of high brightness and an impressive contrast ratio, the all-in-one FHDQ135S's 4-1 LED layout uses flip chip technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce running costs b
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Optoma Launches One-Click 4K UHD Wireless Display and Presentation System
Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Optoma Launches One-Click 4K UHD Wireless Display and Presentation System

Optoma, a global leader in 4K UHD projection technology, announced its one-click QuickCast Pro-4K HDMI wireless display and presentation system. The QuickCast Pro-4K makes presentations effortless and does not require any additional software or applications to operate, enabling any user to share native 4K UHD content from HDMI sources for easy plug-and-play to display content in boardrooms, classrooms or any presentation environment.

Seamless and hassle-free, users simply connect the QuickCast Pro receiver to an HDMI display input and plug the HDMI transmitter into the source to begin wirelessly transmitting up to 4K UHD videos, presentations, documents and more with the click of a button.

With HDMI connectivity, the Optoma QuickCast Pro-4K supports all resolutions, including 1080p and WUXGA, as well as a wide array of devices, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android 6.x and higher, UHD Blu-ray and HDMI media devices (FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast).

The HDMI transmitter features an integrated battery, with a battery life indicator, allowing users to view crystal clear digital video and presentations for up to 6 hours without being tethered to a power adapter. In addition, because the unit operates on 802.11ac MIMO technology with a 5GHz frequency, it features maximum connection stability with minimal signal interference from up to 30 feet away.

The optional charging dock cradle (QCP-CRADLE) allows users to charge and store the QuickCast Pro receivers and transmitters conveniently in one place, and can charge up to four transmitters at the same time.

“As a leader in 4K UHD displays, it was a natural fit to develop a presentation system that enables users to easily broadcast native 4K UHD content wirelessly,” stated Brian Soto, Optoma Technology. “A 4K UHD display is only as good as the content it receives, and with the Optoma QuickCast Pro-4K, users can ensure that incredible looking 4K content reaches the display simply and seamlessly.”

The Optoma QuickCast Pro-4K starter kit, which includes the QuickCast Pro Transmitter (QCP-4K-HDMITX) and Receiver (QCP-4K-HDMIRX), is available for purchase now for $999 at authorized dealers. The transmitter and receiver can also be purchased individually for $599 and $499 respectively, and the optional charging dock cradle is available separately for $499.