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Sound Masking Solutions for Call Centers: Improving Customer Support and Agent Performance
Posted on Monday, August 21, 2023
Sound Masking Solutions for Call Centers: Improving Customer Support and Agent Performance

Aug. 21, 2023 - Call centers are a critical customer touchpoint, but they can also be challenging work environments. With numerous agents working in close proximity, background conversations and noise can be disruptive. Distractions lead to errors, reduced productivity, and frustration for both customers and agents.

Implementing sound masking, which emits a gentle background sound that reduces speech intelligibility, provides several key benefits for call center environments:

Improved call quality and customer satisfaction

By covering up background noise, sound masking delivers better call clarity. Customers can hear agents clearly without distractions, leading to more positive interactions.

Increased agent focus and productivity

With fewer audio distractions, agents can stay focused on assisting customers. This allows them to complete more calls per hour with greater accuracy.

Enhanced agent satisfaction

Minimizing distracting background noise and improving call quality leads to less frustration for agents. This results in improved job satisfaction and retention.

Consistent acoustic environment

Sound masking ensures a consistent background noise level across the call center floor. This prevents areas that are louder or quieter than others.


Intelligible speech carries less between workstations with sound masking. This promotes privacy for agents during sensitive calls.


Sound masking systems are highly configurable with independent zones. This allows noise levels to be adjusted based on activities in different areas of the call center.

The impact of sound masking on key metrics shows its value for call centers. Industry research has shown increases in agent productivity, improved sales conversion rates, and faster average call handling times. Agents also report higher job satisfaction when working in a call center with sound masking.

Biamp’s sound masking solutions are designed to optimize call center environments. Custom-engineered to achieve uniform coverage across large open spaces, our systems mask distracting noise while allowing easy adjustments. This ensures call centers can deliver the best experience for customers and agents.

To learn more about improving call centers with sound masking, contact our team today. We have expertise in implementing successful sound masking solutions for call centers of all sizes.