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Biamp Introduces Modena MAX Connect as the First Ever Complete BYOM Room Solution
Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Biamp Introduces Modena MAX Connect as the First Ever Complete BYOM Room Solution

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Biamp a leading supplier of professional audiovisual solutions, today unveiled Modena MAX Connect, which offers the same comprehensive experience that users have come to love in dedicated UC conference rooms, now within BYOM collaboration spaces. MAX Connect enables users to walk into any room, with any device, and join a meeting instantly using any video collaboration experience, including UC platforms or messaging apps. MAX Connect is the first and only seamless BYOM collaboration experience: from joining a meeting, to sharing content, to adding remote participants, to controlling room AV, MAX Connect offers the same experience for all meeting participants and makes it easy for IT to manage and deploy.

"When it comes to conferencing and collaboration, users just want to connect and get to work. UC rooms have set the standard for what this experience should look and feel like, and there hasn't been a good alternative for BYOM experiences—until now," said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Biamp. "MAX Connect is the first of its kind, offering the frictionless, walk-in-and-use simplicity of UC rooms for BYOM spaces. In addition to BYOM conferencing, MAX Connect also enhances the collaboration experience in BYOM spaces with powerful functionality through a new MAX app, which includes a virtual whiteboard and the ability to share up to six screens at once. MAX Connect truly provides the maximum in terms of connection and collaboration in BYOM spaces."

MAX Connect receives content from phones, tablets, and PCs via wireless or wired connections and pairs with a flat panel display, which offers a welcome screen with connection information for attendees, and any other audiovisual peripherals in the room such as microphones, cameras, and loudspeakers. The user interface also includes a dashboard that displays meeting information, time, connection options, weather, and other important content for attendees.

To get started with the BYOM setup, users simply enter the meeting space and join via the app or web browser. Once connected, the user can stream video calls from their own PCs right to the installed meeting room peripherals; share, view, or annotate on any content from their device, including presentations, websites, spreadsheets, photos, and videos; or draw, write, and brainstorm on a shared whiteboard. In addition to viewing content from the room display, all participants can also see a copy of the shared content on their own personal device making it easy to zoom in or focus on something of interest.

The MAX Connect collaboration experience can be controlled through an included handheld remote or with the new Apprimo Touch 8 MAX tablet. The new Touch 8 MAX is based on the award-winning Apprimo Touch 8i tablet, customized for the MAX Connect BYOM experience. It is pre-programmed and works out of the box to control room volumes and camera functions, as well as the content and layout of the room display. It is PoE powered and includes PIR sensors that turn the screen on automatically and adjust the screen brightness based on the ambient light level of the room. The user interface is fully configurable with Project Designer software, and it is operated by an integrated controller capable of controlling up to 20 IP-based devices.

Feature highlights:

  • Run calls from any UC platform or messaging app by wirelessly connecting to the in-room display, camera, microphone, and loudspeakers
  • View and annotate on shared content or illustrate ideas on a shared whiteboard from a personal device, Touch 8 MAX tablet, or touch-enabled room display
  • Connect via the MAX Connect app, web browser, or wired HDMI connection
  • View content from up to six participants simultaneously
  • Replace the room camera with a feed from a personal device to reframe individuals, share a wall-mounted whiteboard, or better display an object in the room
  • Directly control meeting room display peripherals through the included handheld remote or with the optional Biamp Apprimo Touch 8 MAX tablet
  • Monitor, deploy, and update the firmware of connected Parlé conferencing bars
  • Monitor and maintain the room Biamp with SageVue network-based enterprise management tool
  • MAX Connect also features enterprise-class security to protect the organization from connected devices the IT team does not manage, ensuring that bring-your-own-device-led meetings won't lead to security breaches.

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