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Members of the Laser Illumination Projector Association elect Barco's Goran Stojmenovik as their new chairman
Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Members of the Laser Illumination Projector Association elect Barco's Goran Stojmenovik as their new chairman
In 2011, some of the most renowned companies in the projection industry came together to found the Laser Illumination Projector Association (LIPA). Manufacturers and end-users join their voices to convince the business of the many advantages laser projection holds over traditional projection techniques, and to improve the regulatory environment for laser projectors. Barco has been part of this story as a leader level member since the very beginning. Jan Daem has been Chair of the Board for four years, and now he's handing over the torch to Goran Stojmenovik. 

LIPA is a cooperation of leading companies in the projection industry to foster a positive and receptive business environment for laser illuminated projectors. According to their primary objectives, the association wants to do this by being a single unified industry voice in rationalizing laser regulations and put away with outdated and costly requirements. In addition, the ambition is to develop methods of evaluating potential laser benefits and providing this information to standards organizations. Another key concern is the education of various stakeholders, not only on the advantages of laser projection but also on how to handle laser-based systems correctly and safely. 

Proud accomplishments

LIPA and its member companies are seeing the benefits of their combined promotional and industry governance work reflected in the growing installed base of both RGB and laser phosphor projectors in the industry. "I’m convinced that we can be proud on what LIPA has achieved the last years," says previous chairman Jan Daem. "The market is increasingly convinced about laser illuminated projection because of the ever-improving quality of the technology being developed by [LIPA's] member companies, which is evident in the higher resolution, higher contrast, brighter colours, more vivid 3D capabilities, and vastly better energy efficiency." This growth is also helped by the fact that prices for high-end lasers have been coming down now that all laser projector manufacturers are offering RGB machines, including industry leaders such as Barco, Christie, NEC, and IMAX.

Keep up the good work 

In the coming years, the association is expecting similar growth rates for both RGB unit installations and laser phosphor projectors. It is more essential than ever that LIPA is there to represent the interests of its members and laser projector installers and users worldwide. Newly elected chairman Goran Stojmenovik said that "LIPA is a much respected organization

in the projection industry, and it has proven hugely valuable for the member companies as well as for the laser projection market as a whole. However there are still remaining regulation challenges in some regions, as well as a need for global education that will further enhance laser projector deployment in the global markets." 

Goran has been working in Barco for fourteen years in different roles and divisions with a specific involvement in projection and digital cinema. These years of relevant experience, combined with Jan's support during a transition period, will definitely help him to grow into his new function which he considers as an honour. He sees it as his role "to continue fostering LIPA’s strengths, global impact and value for the member companies". "It is vital that we have a body that represents the laser projection industry in front of the regulators and strives towards a positive regulatory framework.”, he added.

Joined forces 

"LIPA has been the pioneering force in developing international standards that take account of the special nature of lasers as a novel light source," says Karl Schulmeister, world leading laser safety expert and advisor to LIPA. "In this association the members act as a team, a forum of joined forces contributing to the same goals, not as competitors."  That's why next to the election of the new board members, LIPA also announced that it is launching a global recruitment drive to increase member numbers. They are lowering their membership fees as an incentive, and they created a new board position for membership and recruitment. It's the combined knowledge and experience from different parties in the industry - representing leading projector manufacturers, supply chain companies and end-users - which is exactly what is needed to foster the success of the association.