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Barco designs technology to enable bright outcomes. Beyond the image, we develop sight, sound, and sharing solutions to help you work together, share insights, and wow audiences. Our focus is on three core markets: Enterprise (meeting and corporate spaces, control rooms), Healthcare (radiology, clinical specialties, operating rooms), and Entertainment (movie theaters, live events, attractions).

Model: XT 110

This all-in-one package not only contains the necessary LED panels to build a Full High-Definition video display, but it also includes our in-house developed image processing InfinipixTM,
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Barco introduces full range of media servers that offer full show automation
Posted on Monday, February 9, 2015
Kortrijk, Belgium, 9 February 2015 – Global visualization technology leader Barco is making event automation and preview truly simple with the launch of its new HD media servers. These end-to-end visualization solutions – available in four models – cover the entire workflow of video professionals, from design to operation. Thanks to the powerful ‘Projection Study’ tool, the Barco media servers are ideally suited for rental and staging applications and 3D projection mappings, while they can also be used for fixed installation in entertainment venues and visitor attractions. The media servers will be shipping as of March 2015.
“Our goal was to bring the most powerful yet easy-to-use media servers to the market,” states Wim Buyens, Senior Vice President Entertainment & Corporate at Barco. “While there are other great top-end media servers available, too many of them require help from the manufacturer in actually getting sophisticated projects done. The industry needed a media server that could map a building and show optimal projector setup locations and lens options in minutes – and that is exactly what the Barco media servers accomplish. They’re ideal for both fixed installations and for rental and staging companies. A half-day training course can make anybody an expert at complex 3D projection mapping.”

Integrated visual production system
“These media servers are truly unique in the market: providing powerful 3D projection mapping, templates for content production, preview and quick setup to empower operators and show designers with freedom and control over their multimedia experiences during all stages of their workflow,” says Richard Marples, Strategic Market Director Venues & Hospitality at Barco. “Managing the entire workflow from imagination to realization in a single package, they form the perfect connection between the creative ideas and the display systems that bring them to life. They make designing and running the most challenging shows a breeze.” 

Powerful 3D projection mapping tool
With the Barco media servers, designers can turn buildings into epic spectacles with much greater ease. The powerful 3D Projection Study tool allows technical directors to choose the right equipment based on brightness and resolution requirements and determine the best projector placement. Another unique feature of the Barco media servers is that they offer templates that allow for content renewal, to simplify the technical design of video professionals’ workflow. And thanks to the automated warping and blending tools, users can easily control multi-screen setups.

Easy as abc
End-to-end systems for show design, creation, setup and control that are powered by the X-Agora software, the Barco media servers simplify the task of bringing together different types of content to create large-scale media environments. Their intuitive user interface is not only easy to use and navigate, it also follows the conventions of post-production applications. The systems are so easy to use that technical directors, artistic directors, show designers and system integrators only need half a day of training to learn how to work with them. And their web-based interface for scheduling allows non-experts to easily schedule and manage content for permanent installations as well.

Preview for peace of mind
The timeline-based content assembly and design tool enables users to create a 3D virtualization of their multimedia event. As it offers an exact simulation of the environment, users can test their entire show before show time and sell ideas to customers before the show is actually built. The tool enables preview and adjustment of both pre-rendered and real-time content by navigating in a 3D virtual environment and deploying it in physical space – all while staying in a single software environment. This also speeds projector setup and execution, leading to dramatically reduced costs. 

Real-time interactivity 
Interactivity and social media integration make mind-blowing and immersive experiences truly engaging and rewarding. That’s why the Barco media servers allow users to easily control how the environment reacts to actions from spectators and how it evolves in time. With a drag and drop interface, the Barco media servers can interact with audiences’ mobile devices using a wide variety of particle effects, shaders and actions, like creating a water-ripple effect on a building.

Four models
Not only is the performance of the Barco media servers impressive, the four models (XHD-400, XHD-402, XHD-404 and XHD-200) also look good. The media servers allow you to remotely monitor, control and synchronize your players from the controller PC and have a distributed content management system. The hardware consists of state-of-the-art graphic cards, powerful solid state hard drives, and optional input cards. 

Visit Barco at ISE

Barco will be revealing its advanced media servers at the ISE trade show, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 10 – 12 February. You will find Barco at Hall 11, booths F78 and H75. 
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