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AVPro Edge specializes in full bandwidth audio/video distribution, working alongside HDMI, HDBaseT and HDCP, we pride ourselves on developing uniquely engineered solutions for today’s integrator.

Model: AC-EX70-UHD-R2

The AVPro Edge primary extender is the most cost-effective, state-of-the-art, and reliable single CAT 6A 70-meter extender on the market today.
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MXnet 10G's Latest Network Switch
Posted on Thursday, February 29, 2024
MXnet 10G's Latest Network Switch

Feb. 29, 2024 - The MXnet line of 10G network switches keeps getting better.

Introducing the AC-MXNET-10G-SW24C, AVPro's cutting-edge 24-port, 10Gbps hybrid PoE++/PoE+ network switch. This switch design seamlessly supports wide-ranging Audio/Video-over-IP applications, including SDVoE, Dante, AVPro Edge MXnet 10G, and others, using the latest Multigigabit campus-level switch chipset.

“In 2022, AVPro Edge introduced the industry's first 12-port 10 Gigabit PoE++ switch, continuing our brand legacy of bringing innovative high-performance solutions to A/V integrators,” explained Matt Murray, CTO at AVPro Edge. “Our newest 24-port hybrid PoE++/PoE+ switch enables integrators to deliver ultimate SDVOE 10 Gbps AV-over-IP ecosystems while establishing a new benchmark for professional PoE++/PoE+ solutions to enhance installation efficiency and increase system performance.”

With 24 x 10G-mGig RJ45 ports with a total bandwidth of 480Gbps and two 40Gbps QSFP+ stacking ports with 160Gbps total bandwidth, the AC-MXNET-10G-SW24C has a calculated switching capacity of 640Gbps, providing an abundant amount of headroom safety and a generous forwarding rate for high data throughput and uniform distribution of traffic for improved network efficiency.

The switch, pre-configured with Quality of Service (QoS) settings optimized for Dante audio streams, prioritizes Dante audio packets above other network traffic, reducing latency and packet loss to ensure high-quality, uninterrupted audio streaming. AVPro is the first professional AV manufacturer to implement QoS pre-configurations specifically for Dante traffic, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing audio streaming quality in residential and commercial environments.

Check out the key benefits and diagrams below to get to know the AC-MXNET-10G-SW24C.

Processing Performance: 

A 680Gbps calculated switching capacity combined with a forwarding rate of 480Mpps signifies ample headroom for high data throughput and network efficiency.

Virtual Switch Framework:

Synthesizes multiple AC-MXNET-10G-SW24C switches in the same layer into one logical device for high availability and scalability.

Carrier-Grade Build Rating:

Carrier-Grade hardware and software design features high reliability and fail-safe redundancy capabilities for mission-critical applications, providing 99.999% uptime availability.

Fast Switching with Near-Zero Latency:

Source-to-source switching to endpoints is virtually instantaneous if scaling is not required (100µs frame latency, or 1/150th of a frame). With scaling in use, the switching speed is between one to two frames, or about 17-34 milliseconds, considered visually imperceptible.

Preconfigured Comprehensive QoS:

Quality of Service settings are optimized for Dante and SDVoE streams. Advanced load-balance configuration for SDVoE and MXnet applications optimize network performance by distributing high-volume data transfers and multicast streaming traffic across multiple paths to reduce congestion to optimize latency and other critical performance metrics.

Dante Audio Prioritized:

AVPro is the first professional AV manufacturer to implement Dante-oriented QoS traffic prioritization to enhance network streaming performance in residential and commercial environments.

Class-Leading Performance:

MXnet switches are the highest-performing switches in the AVoIP market segment.