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AVPro Edge specializes in full bandwidth audio/video distribution, working alongside HDMI, HDBaseT and HDCP, we pride ourselves on developing uniquely engineered solutions for today’s integrator.

Model: AC-CX-84

The ConferX 8x4 Matrix Switcher is ideal for any conference room, classroom, or huddle space. This 4K switcher can display any of the eight sources through both the HDBaseT and HDMI output ports.
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AVPro Edge's DeARC Technology Showcased in new AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT
Posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2023
AVPro Edge's DeARC Technology Showcased in new AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT

Aug. 29, 2023 - AVPro Edge's latest product launch introduced the AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT.

The design premise of the AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT centers on the long-range transfer of analog and digital audio signals to a distance as great as 100 meters, using a standard Category 6A cable or better. As an AEX-class AVPro Edge device, one of its onboard functions is a variation on the theme introduced by the AC-AEX-KIT, where Analog or Digital signals from traditionally designed products, including legacy equipment, may be transferred from a preferred location to the system aggregation point for wider distribution. 

AVPro Edge engineer Sam Metivier had this to say, "This product features, AP-Link also known as AVPro-Link, is a proprietary transmission method of High-Bit-Rate Audio, Control, and Power over a single UTP cable allowing for the centralizing of audio and control in today's decentralized homes."

Where this new transmitter and receiver duo depart from the relative conventionality of the AC-AEX-KIT lies with the implementation of the HDMI 2.1b specification to provide for using the extended Audio Return Channel (eARC), plus the original ARC platform, as a means of delivering premium 3D immersive audio codecs to a compatible AVR or processor located remotely. Additionally, and unlike the AC-AEX-KIT, the AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT simultaneously traffics bidirectional RS-232 and IR signals, enabling simple remote control commands or communication from one of the new generation, single room-centric automation systems to control equipment on both sides of the kit.

Following are a few examples of how the AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT might be incorporated into new projects, where a spare Category 6A cable may be commandeered into performing an unexpected but well-appreciated standout task.

Most uses will be derived simply by delivering streaming service, app-based high-bitrate surround audio content from a Smart TV to a hidden-from-sight AVR. Using either eARC or ARC (associated equipment must be compatible with the format selected) and intended primarily for content that originates from the TV (apps or antenna-sourced TV tuner sound, such as Dolby AC-4 with Atmos from a NextGen broadcast) the sleek, equipment-free look of the room, highly desired by end-users, is preserved while the AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT works flawlessly behind the scenes. Note: The AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT does not support video signals of any type. It is an audio-only device.

Vinyl has enjoyed not only a remarkable renaissance but has also attained the status of becoming more popular today than the position it held during the golden age of Hi-fi from the late 60s through the appearance of, and eventual (albeit as it has played out long-term, temporary) take-over by the Compact Disc. Record playback has come full circle, now enjoyed by more enthusiasts than at any point in home entertainment history.

Many turntable setups are quite elaborate in their designs and are awarded a specifically dedicated space for isolation from feedback-causing noise while making usability convenient.

Pre-planning for accessibility to the AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT and access to the signal-designating dip switches enables a dual-use scenario to unfold. The unit can be HDMI-wired as an eARC configuration when tasked with transporting movie and television soundtracks, while simultaneously outfitted with analog cabling for vinyl house-wide playback. Send side one of a treasured rare album throughout every music zone, or the latest 200-gram, virgin vinyl remaster of a legendary group’s greatest work. (Keep in mind, a built-in or outboard phono pre-amp with RIAA equalization is required for proper output levels and to process the audio correctly).

Not only has vinyl recording risen into a frenzied comeback, but analog open-reel tape machines are considered the best audio source available, second only to a live performance. An entire netherworld of restoration and active sales for these magnificent machines is active amongst audiophile cognoscenti. With some at Maserati prices, owners beaming with pride love to drive their brothers-in-law into lunacy when those 10 ½” reels start to spin and the tape starts to navigate through the mechanical equivalency of Rolls Royce craftsmanship at 30 inches per second. The same Analog cables may be used to connect other legacy tape machine formats for house-wide distribution. Nothing brings a tear to the eye for a dyed-in-the-wool collector more than a mint, vintage Akai CR-81D 8-track playing Baba O’Riley, or a Nakamichi RX-505 cassette deck flipping the tape in that glorious plexiglass housing to play side two of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery. Don’t underestimate “Boomers” and their toys…I assure you that if you make it easy for them to display and play gear such as this, indeed, certainly they will. 

The combo 3.5mm jack also supports a Mini-TOSLINK Digital connection. Nothing shouts “Party Mode” with class, louder than one, or stacked, Pioneer Elite PDF-19 300-disc CD changers. Those beautiful though faux, rosewood side panels eschewed elegance while the players performed nearly as well as some of the best single-disc machines. Using the Mini-TOSLINK to send out Digital audio over the AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT takes advantage of the clever, unique circuitry purposely designed into the kit. An Analog or Digital signal entering through the combo jack is converted inside the transmitter to an eARC-level signal and then delivered into the AVR in an uncompressed fashion. Just imagine, a 600-disc library – that’s 25 days of music. Now that’s a party! 

Consider the AC-AEX-DEARC-KIT when discussing projects with clients who may own fully functioning, classic pieces of audio gear. They may not follow the industry as you do and are ready to reluctantly load up these treasures for a tear-jerking trip to Goodwill. While a noble gesture, if enlightened to the ability for easy, continued use, you just might come off like you made the Stanley Cup-winning save in OT.

The AC-AEX-DEAC-KIT preserves audio fidelity well beyond the threshold of most legacy audio gear that it may interface with. It would not be uncommon to dedicate a series of AC-AEX-DEAR-KITS to individual pieces in a collection of classic, iconic audio equipment making all readily available for playback. There is a reason 1959 Les Paul guitars routinely sell for $350,000 or more, and why the Barret-Jackson Auto Auction is greatly anticipated. Everything old eventually becomes “new” again in one sense or another, or at least becomes more highly prized and valued. Let your select clients who own suitable products proudly showcase them once again in a modern, automation-controlled system. When they are bragging to their brothers-in-law, it won’t only be about the dazzling resurrection of their vintage treasures, they will also be bragging about you.