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AVPro Edge specializes in full bandwidth audio/video distribution, working alongside HDMI, HDBaseT and HDCP, we pride ourselves on developing uniquely engineered solutions for today’s integrator.

Model: AC-MXNET-SW12

Slotting into the MXnet ecosystem as a fast switching, low latency 12-port network switch for basic systems, the AVPro Edge AC-MXNET-SW12 is also perfect as a stackable add-on unit to our 24-port and
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Save Time With the AVPro Edge User Interface
Posted on Tuesday, May 3, 2022
Save Time With the AVPro Edge User Interface

May 3, 2022 - As a professional systems integrator, time is a valued commodity and sadly is not a SKU you can simply order more of. Systems of every size and complexity command detailed precisely orchestrated steps for design, installation, programming, and testing. Especially critical in this era of 8K source products and 8K display devices is the capability to satisfy end-users’ desire to effortlessly summon a particular source for view to any display within the system, paired with matching or perhaps even alternate audio. AVPro Edge respects your time and our development team has worked tirelessly to deliver the new AVPro Edge User Interface, ensuring complex matrix switch deployment is a concise, rapid process in your rack room or on site.

HDMI signal management is no longer the daunting challenge it has demonstrated to be in the past. Interoperability between source products and display devices, content changes that alter signal fluidity, and HDCP constraints all cause havoc during system deployment. AVPro Edge's User Interface places command back into the hands of installers. Custom EDID strings for source stability or image scaling to accommodate legacy displays is effortless with the AEUI technology in our new, easily navigable interface. AVPro Edge engineers have responded to requests from our integrators ensuring the matrix can be configured to address any system requirement.

How will you benefit from this new, easy to navigate AVPro Edge User Interface? Below, we examine every aspect from simplified installation to advanced built-in diagnostic tools.

SIMPLIFIED INSTALLATION - Tools on board AEUI’s web-based interface enable installers at any experience level to confidently deploy comprehensive distributed video systems easily and efficiently. Rack room or on-site job hours are reduced for allocation elsewhere. 

IDENTIFY ISSUES DURING INSTALLATION - With the AVPro Edge User Interface, integrators can confirm the integrity of each video signal path. Should an issue arise, diagnostics designed into the AEUI can isolate problems with cabling, EDID management, or resolution related and dynamic range compatibilities between source products and display devices. End your day with the assurance your system is functioning correctly, exceeding your client’s expectations, and is within project budgeting. 

DESIGNED-IN SIMPLIFIED SWITCHING CONTROL - Utilizing the Admin Control feature, integrators can limit end-user access to certain features of the AEUI. This is invaluable for bar and restaurant installations where staff can control source switching in an intuitive, straightforward manner without straying into setup, diagnostics, or volume controls. Some project bids with budget constraints may benefit from this flexibility AEUI and AVPro Edge products provide. 

The newly designed AVPro Edge User Interface (AEUI) is an on-board web interface tool we are incorporating into the entire line of our matrix switchers, with AEUI currently available on the AC-MX-42, AC-MX-42X, AC-MX-82, AC-MX-44, AC-MX-44HDBT, AC-AXION-4, AC-MX-88, AC-MX-88HDBT, and AC-AXION-8.