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Anchor Audio - Why We Manufacture in America ft. Cy Bates, Director of Manufacturing
Posted on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Even to this day, many people are surprised and impressed when they find out that Anchor Audio products are made in the USA. Whether they are new dealers we are partnering with, or customers at the many tradeshows we visit, being made in the USA is one of the many things that people love about Anchor. But being “Made in the USA” means much more than a good selling point and a sense of American pride. Being “Made in the USA” brings lots of value to our dealers and end users. As the Director of Manufacturing here at Anchor Audio, I want take a moment to list a few key reasons why being “Made in the USA” benefits our customers.


Being able to make our own products here in California allows us to focus on quality control at the highest level. We make it our top priority because when we give an industry leading 6-year warranty on our products, we back it up entirely. We QC our speakers once when we make them, once when we finish the final product, and lastly in our QC room. Our electronic printed circuit boards (PCB) go through a rigorous quality control process as well. Once the PCB has finished moving through our Pick and Place, Reflow Oven, and Wave Solder machines, each board is then cleaned and visually inspected. After that, each board is run through the latest audio testing hardware before it is tested once again when the unit is fully made and then finally in our QC room. If an issue is ever discovered at any point during the process, a root cause analysis is conducted to find out exactly what went wrong and actions are taken to mitigate it going forward. Catching issues quickly is important for us to maintain our high-quality standards. Also, we are always looking to improve our products in any way we can. We continue to listen to the suggestions of our customers and dealers, and because we make our systems in the USA, we are able to quickly implement changes.    


We understand the importance in getting the product to the customer quickly, so they have it when they need. And, unlike our competitors, whose shipping times range from weeks to months, we get all standard orders out same day. This kind of timeline would not be possible if we were manufacturing product in another country. Being “Made in the USA” has allowed us to separate ourselves from the rest of the market by being the most responsive and ready to ship. And it is not only orders that we are fastest on – our repairs department longest turnaround for a regular repair is only a few days.  In fact, if a rush is ever needed, we can get it repaired and shipped back same day. We make our systems with the highest quality, but even we understand that ‘life happens’ to our products during the 6-year warranty, so we give as much attention and focus to our repaired units as we do to the brand-new ones. 


The last feature that really shows the value of “Made in the USA” is with our customizing options. We have different options for each of our products that gives the customer the choice of paying only what they need. These options range from the number of wireless microphones, color of the cases, and country plug. In fact, our flagship product the Liberty has over 50 different combinations! That kind of variety would be unheard of if it weren’t made in the United States.