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Effective and Affordable Assistive Listening Devices
Posted on Saturday, March 12, 2016
Effective and Affordable Assistive Listening Devices

Effective and Affordable Assistive Listening Devices

In recent years, individuals who are hard of hearing have had the remarkable opportunity to be able to access technology that allows them to hear more clearly and understand specific sounds with more accuracy. Assistive listening devices are a great option for hard of hearing individuals attending worship services, lectures and speeches. At Anchor Audio, we are proud to offer effective and affordable solutions for hard of hearing individuals throughout the United States and internationally.

A Completely Wireless Solution for Those with Hearing Problems

The product most commonly used by hard of hearing individuals in a large crowd setting is a multipurpose assistive listening device. Assistive listening devices are ideal for any situation where it is crucial for attendees to be able to understand speech and pick up other sounds, in such places as a worship service, lecture hall or other type of gathering.

Presenters can easily add a wireless receiver and transmitter to their audio set up so that the sound will wirelessly transmit to beltpacks worn by attendees who have hearing trouble. Small in-ear headphones keep this inconspicuous and easy to use. Because there are only two main components (a wireless transmitter and receiver beltpacks), this system can be used anywhere.

One-Way Communication for Tour Guides

An additional use for Assistive Listening Devices is hearing support for tour guides and interpreters in many different settings. Assistive listening devices that successfully cut out excess background noise are very helpful during periods of time when a great deal of clarity and focus is required. Tours of loud places, such as factory tours or outdoor tours, greatly benefit by offering their attendees the option of an assistive listening beltpack with earbuds.

The tour guide or interpreter wears a transmitter beltpack and low-profile microphone, which sends the audio to each receiver beltpack. The attendees are able to hear the presentation worry free with the in-ear headphones which are lightweight. They enable the listener to hear words clearly and with ease. In many cases, interference causes listening devices to malfunction and hard of hearing individuals are unable to fully engage in the meeting or performance due to these difficulties. The one-way communication device seeks to eliminate these types of problems.

Both devices are ADA compliant and simple to use and operate. At Anchor Audio, we take pride in providing the absolute best devices for assistive listening. It is our hope that every hard of hearing person will have a richer and happier life due to our products.