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AmpliVox Introduces Groundbreaking Rechargeable Megaphones
Posted on Tuesday, December 18, 2012
AmpliVox Introduces Groundbreaking Rechargeable Megaphones

Northbrook, IL:  December 2012 – AmpliVox Sound Systems is proud to introduce a new rechargeable battery pack option for its updated Mity-Meg Plus (S602M) 25-watt megaphone. The quick-charging S1405 lithium-ion battery pack replaces conventional alkaline batteries to maintain the Mity-Meg’s clear, powerful sound amplification for up to 40 hours of typical use. It also weighs far less than conventional batteries, making the Mity-Meg Plus lighter and easier to use for extended periods.

The new S1405 battery pack offers a number of advantages to alkaline batteries, including:

·         Reduced Weight: The new Mighty-Meg Plus with the optional S1405 lithium-ion battery pack weighs just 2.65 pounds, 30% less than a comparable model with disposable batteries.

·         Longer Battery Life: With up to 40 hours of use time per charge, the S1405 easily surpasses the use time of alkaline batteries.

·         Lower Operating Cost: The S1405 eliminates the need to frequently replace disposable batteries.

·         Green Conscious: Rechargeable batteries are an environmentally friendly choice, reducing the number of toxic disposable batteries in landfills.

·         Always Ready: The S1405 holds its charge when not in use for up to six months, and can be fully charged from any power outlet in four hours using its integrated wall charger.

The Mity-Meg Plus is AmpliVox’s most powerful megaphone, with an effective range of up to one mile. Using Piezo microphone technology, it delivers up to 40% longer battery life than other megaphones. Built for durability and portability, the Mity-Meg’s high-impact plastic construction is weatherproof and shockproof.  It can be used in talk, siren, and whistle modes with adjustable volume control. The Mity-Meg Plus also includes an integrated battery level indicator, detachable corded mic, comfortable pistol grip, and convenient shoulder strap.

“This new battery pack option is a major step forward for portable sound system efficiency,” said Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO. “We’re proud to introduce the most reliable, effective rechargeable battery in the industry to go with our top-quality megaphone. The new Mity-Meg Plus will be indispensable to emergency personnel, sports teams, and all other users who require on-the-spot portable sound amplification.”

For more information on the AmpliVox S602M Mity-Meg Plus and the S1405 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, visit or