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AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems Now Stream Music with Wireless Bluetooth® Connectivity
Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2014
AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems Now Stream Music with Wireless Bluetooth® Connectivity AmpliVox Sound Systems has added top-quality Bluetooth® connectivity as a standard feature to its popular SW800 Titan Wireless Portable PA, enabling users to stream music and other audio directly from any Bluetooth® enabled smartphone, tablet, computer, or other device. The streaming technology will also be available as an option on AmpliVox's SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner and SW720 Wireless Portable PA System. These upgrades add another dimension of functionality to these versatile portable sound systems to make presetnations more dynamic, engaging, and entertaining. 

The Titan Portable PA packs multiple audio options into a compact, enclosed unit for easy travel, storage, and set-up. The Bluetooth® connection enables the presenter to eaasily control volume, stop/start, and other audio options directly from the device, with a range of up to 30 feet from the unit. The 100 watt amplifier and 8" speaker projects sound from a Bluetooth® source, as well as a 16-channel wireless microphone, a built-in CD/MP3 player, or a USB or SD card input. Its enclosed plastic case easily carries all its components with an integrated retractable luggage handle and durable wheels.

Similarly, the Digital Audio Travel Partner takes crystal-clear sound indoors or out with a 250-watt amp, inputs for multiple microphones, on-board CD/MP3 players, and inputs for iPods, smartphones, instruments, and other audio sources. Adding a Bluetooth® module to the Digital Audio Travel Partner increases the wireless options available to the user.

The simplicity of a Bluetooth® connection creates a variety of new opportunities to inclrporate music in group presentation settings. Music can be played through the PA to warm-up audiences before a presentation, set a mood within a conference space, or integrate music into a presentation. Since the user can control all the audio functions through his or her own device, there is virtually no set-up or learning curve to overcome.

"AmpliVox is constantly looking for ways to make products more versatile and user-friendly," noted AmpliVox CEO Don Roth. "Wireless streaming makes it easy to add music into any presentation or event setting. Our Bluetooth® technology provides perfect sound quality for streaming to these outstanding portable systems."

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Photo Caption: The integrated Bluetooth® module in AmpliVox's SW800 Titan Wireless PA allows presenters to easily control music and other audio from handheld smartphones, tablets and other devices.

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