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Hotel Bania Thermal and Ski

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Hotel Bania Thermal and Ski
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Hotel Bania Thermal and Ski is a four-star hotel located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains in Poland. The family-run hotel prides itself on comfort and high-quality services, with a fusion of local tradition and modern luxuries. Since 1987, the hotel has gone through several re-births, but it has never failed to uphold its reputation for excellence. Now with 277 rooms, two restaurants, and accompanying thermal baths, the hotel has added a cutting-edge and versatile Conference Center that stands as one of the largest complexes in the region.


This new, first-class Conference Center serves as a versatile events space to attract new businesses to the region. To deliver that experience, Hotel Bania needed to automate their AV solutions with a reliable backbone that could still provide a simple user experience for its staff and the flexibility to support their varying events. The technology also needed to integrate with the pre-existing hotel system while blending in respectfully with the hotel’s traditional interior design.


Integrator A+V was chosen to deploy a system that would consistently deliver an outstanding customer-centric experience through simple automation and intuitive control without the need for additional technical support. A+V turned to Crestron because of its scalability and ability to offer personalized settings. Crestron control and DM NVX® AV-overIP solutions make it possible to design a system that’s easy to use and flexible while being low maintenance with a professional look and feel.


Hotel Bania hosts a variety of events that can be tailored to any customer, no matter the number of people that will attend or the amount of control that is needed. Through the open system of Crestron DM NVX, Hotel Bania has the functionality to provide customization to their customers whether they book a conference room, banquet hall, or theatre. Thanks to the ease of use, even first-time visitors can easily control what content is being displayed and where. For instance, in the larger spaces, content can be displayed on additional screens installed on the side walls to ensure better visibility for the entire audience. This is made possible with Crestron DM NVX, as multiple signals can be transferred without interference or delay, despite large distances for signal transmission.

Automation of the room configuration and the connection of audio, video, and lighting zones was made possible with room division sensors, minimizing the need for technical personnel during an event. A+V created dedicated lighting scenarios for the catering department, whereby staff can select the most appropriate scene from a tablet, depending on the type of meal being served. By implementing DALI® technology in each conference space, A+V provided the client with an option to not only dim and brighten the lights but also to select one of the pre-programmed lighting backdrops from a keypad on the wall. Customized keypads were developed offering the same clean, clear, and consistent user experience, no matter the size of the meeting room. They can be found in every meeting room, so all users, independent of their digital literacy, can see at a glance what each button does, allowing them to operate the system with ease. Along with this, A+V’s engineers created a dedicated app that allows complete control of the AV system through a tablet. The reliability of Crestron technology ensures that the staff at Hotel Bania, as well as their guests, have a seamless technology experience during their events.


The sophisticated yet easy-to-operate Crestron system allows several independent events to run simultaneously in Hotel Bania’s new, versatile Conference Center. Crestron offers reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind, which not only enhances the customer experience, thus securing future bookings, but also offers savings on staffing, time, and resources.