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The Royal College of Physicians were experiencing signal drop and interference issues with existing wireless microphones and wanted a simple yet effective and cost effective replacement dedicated for speech and lecture.


Sennheiser SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SLDW) microphone system was set up at the Royal College. SLDW is dedicated to speech and ensures that every speech and lecture is perfectly audible and reduces RF interference to a minimum

The Royal College of Physicians (RPC) is a high-end conference and events centre in Regent's Park in the heart of London. For years, three presentation theaters had been troubled with signal interference from too much UHF noise. SpeechLine Digital Wireless proved to be the perfect solution. The complete system (34 microphone links) works well and is operated in the complete building.

The RCP Meetings and Events department operates the conference and events arm of the Royal College of Physicians. The venue is an award winning conference and events centre housed within a Grade 1 listed modernist building, designed by Sir Denys Lasdun. It can be used to host a wide spectrum of events, both medical and non-medical, as well as hosting functions ranging from large international conferences to private dinners and garden parties. AV system integrator ZAVI Ltd has installed 10 channels (six lapels and four hand held microphones) in the Wolfson Theatre and eight channels (six lapels and two hand held microphones) in the Seligman Theatre. The remaining 16 channels have been put into flight cases for use around the building where required. Launched at ISE 2015, SpeechLine Digital Wireless has been designed to meet the demand for a wireless microphone purely dedicated to speech.

At ISE in 2016 an expanded range of capabilities were showcased, which enable simultaneous, multi-room implementations of multiple SpeechLine systems, alongside Dante support for IP network compatibility and management via the new Sennheiser Control Cockpit software.

The RCP team chose the SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphone system because they were impressed with its audio quality for voice and because it used DECT technology rather than traditional RF, which has become increasingly difficult to manage as competition for frequencies has intensified in Central London. The pairing function and some of the additional analytics also help how the microphones are managed in a meeting environment where a lot of the systems will be used in different configurations during a single working day. Previously, having to calculate which frequency groups would work best, with the least inter-modulation, was time consuming and difficult to schedule. “When we were looking to replace our existing radio microphone systems, our criteria were: excellent audio quality and intelligibility of the spoken word; as consistent performance as possible regardless of location within our meeting spaces; as little interference as possible; and a simplicity of setup and use that allowed for intensive use across a complex schedule of events,” said Ben Pain, technical and AV manager, RCP.

“The SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphone system has delivered exceptional results in all four of our criteria. The whole AV team are really enjoying using them and the comments from our clients have been completely positive.”