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NEC Enhances Transportation Hub Operations with Display Solutions

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NEC Enhances Transportation Hub Operations with Display Solutions
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Transportation hubs must enhance the traveler experience at every turn with the use of interactive technology capable of updating in real time while displaying content relevant to the traveler – whether they’re flying or taking a bus or train.

NEC Display Solutions’ new headquarters includes a transportation vignette within its Briefing Center – a 6,000-square-foot space divided into 10 dedicated staging areas for each of its main verticals – to show transportation professionals how employing the latest digital technologies can create more efficient, comfortable and welcoming experiences for travelers.

The Transportation Vignette

The transportation vignette includes large-format displays that illustrate a transportation hub environment showing flight arrival, departure and gate information in an airport setting. Around the corner, kiosks by Peerless-AV allow operators to see first-hand how the interactive technology can be utilized to streamline passenger ticket retrieval and purchasing.

The Technologies

Side-by-side, the dual P484 displays provide a look at how the technology utilizes a wide range of the latest connectivity interfaces to provide real-time content display. With ultrahigh definition (UHD) resolution and exceptional brightness, the displays are also equipped with a new anti-reflective high-haze screen coating to capture the audience’s attention while allowing for readability in higher ambient light conditions.

The P484’s future-proof modular expansion options also allow the ability to integrate OPS or Raspberry Pi Compute Modules seamlessly into the display for enhanced content control. Boasting a wide range of the latest connectivity interfaces, these displays showcase how transportation hubs can deliver up-to-date travel information for enhanced passenger experiences.

Adjacent to the P484 displays, the P554 with landscape orientation further showcases the flexibility with which NEC’s professional-grade solutions can be installed and utilized. NEC’s P series products are equipped with real-time temperature sensors and integrated cooling fans that maintain commercial-quality usability, making them ideal for 24/7 signage in transportation environments.

Kiosks by Peerless-AV allow transportation operators to experience the technology’s usability for streamlining ticket retrievals, reducing congestion and wait time for travelers.

The transportation vignette is located adjacent to a related vignette within the Briefing Center: retail. Although separate from the business of transportation itself, retail is a major profit driver for transportation hubs like airports and bus and train terminals. Digital signage like large-format displays can advertise duty-free shopping at airports, while airport/terminal restaurants, bars and coffee shops can employ digital menu boards advertising promotions and specials, as the QSR vignette demonstrates.

And with NEC ALP (Analytics Learning Platform), which uses demographic data captured by multiple sensors to create an engaging experience for shoppers, transportation hubs can optimize the diverse audience within their space. ALP delivers the right message at the right time to the right audience, hand-selected for each consumer or group of consumers for a welcoming, natural guest experience.

The NEC Display Difference

With years of expertise and solutions in display technology, NEC Display showcases its offerings through real-life applications within the Briefing Center. With customer-centric solutions featuring integrated, future-proof modular expansion options, NEC Display delivers innovation that raises the bar on how digital signage and other display technology can enhance the way modern-day terminals operate.